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“Evil Twin” Access Point Hacks in the Wild

One thing that business and pleasure trips have in common is the increasing use of technology. The volume of connected devices is expected to hit 20.4 billion by 2020 (Source: Gartner) leaving doors open in the security chain for hackers to intercept traffic flowing over Wi-Fi and steal valuable data from your smartphone or a laptop.

Our Wi-Fi experts recorded videos from around the world testing Wi-Fi security in hotels, restaurants, and other public Wi-Fi locations to see if they are safe (or not!) from the most common Wi-Fi threats.

Hover over the red dot to see the location of the video. Click on the red dot and press press play in the pop-up window to play video.


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Submit Your Own “Evil Twin AP” Video

Have you tested Wi-Fi security in the places that you frequent? Are they safe from the most common Wi-Fi threats? To have your own “Evil Twin AP” video featured on our website, please email a link to your video to join@TrustedWirelessEnvironment.com

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